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Meth (P) Cleaning

Meth Contamination – When a property owner first discovers that their home contains methamphetamine contamination they often become distressed, confused, and even angry.

Many are puzzled by how the property became contaminated in the first place. Low levels of meth residue can accumulate from someone smoking/inhaling meth over a short period of time.

It is very important if not vital to test your home for added reassurance. Meth Contamination is invisible with no obvious signs.

meth contamination

Whether you are buying a home for owner-occupier or as an investment property to rent it is advised for piece of mind to have the home tested.

Whilst the home may look perfectly clean the chemical traces are not easily removed with regular cleaning products. Specially designed cleaning supplies are required but all cases are different so it is best to contact us to discuss your situation further.

Our service is only available in Auckland, Hamilton & Wellington. Please contact us via email or call direct on 0800 287 923

We are happy to offer advice and assistance whether this is for a commercial property or residential home.